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Bloom Energy Microgrid Solutions

Bloom Energy has developed a revolutionary on-site primary power generation system. The Bloom Energy Server® is based on a proprietary fuel cell technology that provides a more reliable, cleaner, and cost-effective alternative to the traditional electric grid. Bloom delivers a transformational new electrical network topology that dramatically simplifies the architecture and eliminates the need for many legacy components.

Microgrids are miniature versions of the centralized electric grid that dispatches, distributes, and regulates the flow of electricity. It can operate and switch between either grid-connected or islanded modes. Bloom provides power generation to support critical loads for the microgrid in both modes of operation.

Anchor Generation for Microgrids

The Bloom Energy Server provides a critical foundation for building microgrids of varying complexity and significantly benefits the communities and utilities they power.

Microgrid Beneficiaries

Microgrids work best in locations with complex energy needs, and Bloom provides the foundation to meet that complexity. Below are the primary entities that can benefit most from a microgrid and the problems they would help to solve.