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Self-generating microgrids are ideal for isolated or rural communities where access to electricity may be limited or infeasible to connect to the grid. The primary driver for microgrids is their ability to deliver reliable, clean power to critical facilities during an extended period by islanding or the ability to operate independently of the utility grid. A microgrid can better manage local power generation by providing optimal control, dynamic stability, and balance demand and generation on a small but critical scale

Microgrid projects are integral to initiatives that aim to strengthen the economy, save lives during natural disasters, and make our energy supply more sustainable and our electrical power more secure. Microgrids increasingly support more reliable, efficient, and safe power for critical infrastructure in military, utility, healthcare, government, university, residential, and other applications.

Microgrids can provide a range of benefits to communities, including:​

Increased Energy Resilience: Microgrids can provide communities with a more resilient energy supply by reducing their reliance on the main power grid. By incorporating energy storage systems, microgrids can provide backup power during power outages or grid failures, ensuring that critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, emergency services, and community centers, remain operational.

Improved Energy Efficiency: Microgrids can increase the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructure within a community by integrating renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, with energy storage systems. This can help reduce energy costs and improve the overall sustainability of the community.

Environmental Benefits: Microgrids can help communities reduce their environmental impact by integrating renewable energy sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving air quality.

Economic Benefits: Microgrids can provide economic benefits to communities by creating jobs in the renewable energy industry and reducing energy costs for businesses and residents. Microgrids can also provide opportunities for local businesses to generate revenue by selling excess energy back to the main power grid or other businesses in the area.

Community Empowerment: Microgrids can empower communities by providing them with greater control over their energy supply and reducing their dependence on centralized utilities. This can help foster a sense of community ownership and engagement in energy decision-making processes.

Why Us!

Brevian Energy is dedicated to combating the effects of climate change, and our objective is to offer affordable, reliable, renewable energy to homes, businesses, and communities everywhere. Our Micro-Grid power system requires a generation source in order to meet the electrical demands of its customers. Historically, the electricity supplied to Micro Grids has come from "behind the meter" fossil fuel sources, such as gas-powered generators. However, with the rapid growth of renewable energy technology, today's energy source system is being developed to supply electricity using a combination of multiple renewable generation sources, as well as versatile energy storage systems. So, if you require a competent distributed energy resource management system, please get in touch with us.